When you want to use various types of media, using Mac OS can make your experience that more much enjoyable and more simple to get through. So while you are improving your computer skills, you can also have fun while learning. With so much potential behind working with EPUBs, what you will learn from the videos will astound you. We always give advice on how to learn how to make great looking EPUBs, even for work. As long as they can look close to professional, their appearance will be associated positively with you. So in this article we will show you three Mac OS tips that we are sure you will love and find useful!

If you want to create EPUBs and make them interesting with various types of multimedia, then that is definitely something you can do yourself! You can quickly embed video or any images as well as audio without really any problems at all. You do actually have some roof for error, anything you put up can be taken down and anything taken down can be put back up. The exact steps include clicking the add button, and choose to embed files when you see the dialog box. In regard to video, several special considerations must be considered. Though this is not a problem in most cases, it is important that you make your video iPhone compatible so that it works with the embedding process.

Of all the different stills/tools you must learn when you have a computer, at the top of the list is file management. This task becomes much more organized if you use the tools available in the OS X Lion. You can actually use this new method from your toolbar, which is a new addition to the feature. You’ll kick yourself in the end if you don’t label everything carefully and put it where you KNOW for a fact that it is.

You now have options as to how you wish to sort and organize your files. True, it wasn’t much different before; however, you now have even more sorting capabilities that have been intelligently thought through. You can also choose to sort and organize your files with a structure that works better for you, this is all about doing things that help YOU stay organized. You will be able to find your files easier when you move them to where you want them.

When you are downloading something and you lose where you put it once it is done, it can be very annoying, even for other OS users, like Windows. Closing all of the windows shouldn’t be done until you make a mental note of where you placed your download. Your downloads are put in a folder when using the Mac OS, and you can get to it from the keyboard using a shortcut. Located in the Finder is Command Option L, and this can be used to gain access to all of the information you have downloaded and put in the folder for that purpose. The thing to remember is there is more than one way to get to the download folder. There are different ways that can be used, so just find a method which can be your favorite. It doesn’t do much good to read these tips about the Mac OS, unless you take them and use them for your benefit. Tips can be found from different levels of involvement, so not all are easy to figure out. The tips that are hard, you might need to write down some notes, but through continued use, they can be remembered.

So, don’t stress about mistakes too much, stay organized every single step of the way, and you should be good to go!