SEO copywriting, put simply, is writing for the search engines. In essence, it's writing for the web while thinking about your prospect as well as the search engines. What you're doing then, is writing content for a site that readers find useful while also ranking higher in search engine results. Make sure you differentiate this in your mind from keyword stuffing. You can't just take your original copy from your site and then throw in some keywords wherever you want. The idea behind SEO copywriting is that the search engines of today look for sites that have original content and are also updated regularly, as this will rank your page higher. Use SEO Copywriting methods if you wish to achieve both of these targets. This article will be exploring various methods to get the most out of your website and get targeted traffic from the search engines with the right content. Before you even start writing for the search engines, it's important to know who your target market is. You must know who your target audience is or else you won't know what keywords to use. It's very important that you research and understand your target niche as your choice of keywords will truly make or break your campaign. This information will allow you to write compelling copy with all the appropriate keywords. For instance, a Yoga site would require looking into the topic to find keywords that are right for targeting. Now that we know the do's, there are things you'll want to avoid when writing web copy. The first thing you'll want to avoid is flash as it goes against your goals when it comes to high ranking. Flash does nothing for SEO. Not only do search engines not read Flash, but it takes a long time to load. Apart from this, any info that is embedded into a Flash file won't be indexed by the search engines. The entire idea of search engine optimization is to make your content readable by search engines. Therefore, don't use Flash on your site as it's only going to drive away your traffic. Always focus on offering meaty content. Don't do the mistake of having copy that is less than 400 words in length. The more content you have, the better it is. If the information you're giving away is indeed valuable, then you should aim for at least 1,000 words on the page. SEO copywriting, as you can see, offers many benefits, but if you don't do things correctly you could be banned from all the premier search engines.

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